Mebane's Chapel United Holy Church was organized in the year of 1913. In the same year the church became affiliated with the United Holy Church of America. The name “Mebane's Chapel" was originated from Mr. Ed Mebane who gave the land to the church on which to build. The church was built in 1914 to accommodate about 150 people and had a membership of 45 people. Some of the original members were Rev. A. Alston, Jack Basket, Dec. William M. Clark, Mother Dora Latta, Myrtle Gattis, Mother A. J. Grady, Joe Latta, William McPherson, Annie Obie, Dave Obie, Mother Grace Obie, Dec. James Obie, Mag Satterfield, Lizzie Shanklin, Tom Shanklin, Press Wade, Dec. Samuel Wade and Mother Lillian Wright.The pastors of Mebane's Chapel in successive order have been: Rev. A. Alston (the first pastor), Rev. Joyce, Rev. Loftin, Elder Hayes, Elder Richardson, Rev. P.H. Wiley, Elder H.B. McDonald, Elder Bobby Robertson, Elder Vernice Wright, and Elder Stanley Daye who is presently serving as our pastor.Mebane's Chapel is still driven by the vision of the future church, a church that is steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the works of the Lord. As the church strives to reach its goals under our current leadership we thank God for all the wonderful things that he has done; for what he is doing in, around and through us: and for what He will do in the future for his people at Mebane's Chapel.

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